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My code is hosted on our Idiap gitlab page and is thus inaccessible, most of it would not be worth sharing anyway. However, in our lab we strive to share our code and data to make our research reproducible; I’ll give pointers here to available published code. You may also have a look at my public repos on github having mostly DIY projects involving Arduino and Raspberry Pi.


  • The code for our paper “Temporal super-resolution microscopy using a hue-encoded shutter” is available on Idiap’s github page: .
  • With Thibaut and Emmanuel we did a pretty cool interactive avalanche visualisation project for an EPFL course. You can see it liveĀ here. The code is available on my github page. The heat-map corresponds to outings from the users of the website camptocamp that we scraped, and the icons as this one mean that there was a recorded avalanche. The colour of the icon gives the avalanche danger of that specific day (from 1 to 5, check out the slf website).
  • If you are interested in interoperability between C++ and Python, check my blog article on PyBind out. I’ve set up a repository on github to share code more conveniently.
  • A previous colleague of mine went crazy about the Contrast Limited Adaptive Histogram Equalization (CLAHE) filter and wanted a C# version without any dependency to any library (for industrial licenses reasons), the repo is publicly available. Just be aware that it is a simple demo implementation with bad things such as absolute paths and would need serious work to use it on actual problems.


  • The Fablab in Neuchatel needed help for an electronical/artistic project, see what it’s about here.
  • I made a nice word clock for friends, all the instructions are here.